The importance of having an expert negotiator at your disposal for selling your property is the key to getting the desired result in your real estate transaction.  As the buying party the goal should for them is purchasing your property at the lowest price possible with terms of the agreement in their favor.  As a seller you will want to maximize the value of your property and agree upon the terms that result the most in your favor.  Below is what I will do as your real estate agent to ensure that your sale closes and you get the most out of your property transaction.

The Keys to Success in Property Negotiations

Having an Experienced Real Estate Agent

The true is the more experience you have in the field the more savvy you become in the process of negotiations. Nothing can replace experience when it comes to business negotiations.

Property Research & Preparation

As an expert real estate negotiator I will work hard for you to make the sale of your property.  Often time’s real estate agents will enter in negotiations for a property without doing the proper research and work into the sale then are left wondering why the deal did not go through as planned.  My promise to you is that I will take all the extra  steps putting in all the work and research that many agents won’t, including an in depth analysis of comparable properties, insurance, taxes, property deficiencies and more.  This research will give me the ability to place the strongest offers to buyers that will be substantiated during the negotiation process.  As my client I will provide a comprehensive evaluation process of the property with similar properties for sale to validate your asking price.

Understanding Real Estate Buyers

As an seasoned veteran of real estate negotiations I know the motivations of your potential buyers and understand what they are looking for.  Depending on the facts I will adjust my negotiation strategy to the buyer. There are different types of buyers looking for different things in your property, some may like the size of your home others may like the proximity to the school district of their choice, as a negotiator you must be able to the buyer and adjust the negotiation strategy on the basis of the buyer’s needs.  As your real estate agent I will adjust my strategy on a case-by-case basis to reach a successful transaction of your property.

Patience in Negotiating your Real Estate Sale

The importance of patience in negotiating a sale successfully cannot be overlooked.  Most agents want to complete the deal in a hurry to collect a commission check.  A large number of sellers and buyers become impatient in the process because they fall in love with their dream home or just want to sell their property in a hurry.  As my client I will help you through these moments in the real estate process.  As your real estate agent I will be committed to helping you achieve what is in your best interest while striving for the best possible result in your situation.

Let me handle all of the negotations of your Real Estate Sale!

The importance of hiring an expert negotiator for the sale of your property cannot be overlooked, make sure you are represented by the best.

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