Arizona rests beneath the placid water, still sending oil drops to the surface tears say her survivors more than 70 years after 1,177 perished in the deadliest phase of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.Symbolizing grief to victory, the curved white memorial above the sunken hulk is a short ferry ride from shore. Listed are names of those killed and, more recently Men’s Jewelry,, shipmates who wanted their remains to rest with comrades below.Back ashore, meet a Pearl veteran to help examine life before, during and after the attack. The museum’s audio tour is narrated by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, whose father Tony served on a submarine during World War II.The USS Missouri is nearby.

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junk jewelry Woody Guthrie Center gift packThe Woody Guthrie Center has a wide array of items to show your love for the Oklahoma son, including clothing, music, books and more. That includes gift bundles, where you can get several items together and save a little in the process. For example, the anti fascist bundle includes a hoodie with the well known phrase carved into his guitar: “This Machine Kills Fascists.” The store is right when you walk into the center, but don’t stop there. junk jewelry

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